Help Line Number : 82 81 80 66 00

The members of South Kerala Diocese City Churches are, in general, blessed with facilities like access to qualified doctors, proximity to medical facilities and finances to afford treatment.  Most of the members are well educated and have access to quality medical intervention in case of a need.

But there are a lot of people in the outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram who are not as lucky. They do not have access to proper medical treatment. They cannot afford treatment in private hospitals. They do not have proper information on the medical facilities available for them. They are also not aware of the various welfare schemes of Government and other organisation for the poor.

These people coming from remote places, seeking treatment in hospitals like Trivandrum Medical College, Regional Cancer Centre,SAT, SCTIMST etc find it very difficult in getting proper guidance on Government financial schemes, affordable good accommodation for bystanders, Ambulance, diagnostic labs, blood banks, subsidised medical stores etc. They feel alienated and are sometimes cheated by agents who exploit their ignorance and helplessness.  They also don’t get pastoral care during this hard time.

The objective of the CSI Hospital Guidance  Centre  is to give guidance and support to people, who are in need, with the focus on people coming from rural areas for treatment to hospitals in and around Medical College.

It intends to provide a helpline, where in, a person, in need, can make a call and get the information he seeks. Financial help will also be provided to people in dire need. Pastoral care is also contemplated with the help of volunteers to be inducted for the purpose.

It intends to help the patients to get acquainted with different Diagnostic & Scanning Centres in the city so that they can get the diagnostic reports at competitive rates. The programme also guides the patients to various other organizations which support the patients through financial aid and by providing medicines. It also intends to provide transport facilities for the poor patients to return to their homes at distant places.

All the services rendered through this Guidance programme will be free.